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Although gleicheniaceae is the wild grassy piece in the mountain, it brings many uses for users. In particular, the economic values of gleicheniaceae can not be denied. Let with Bambu look the value of gleicheniaceae for farmers!


The economic values of gleicheniaceae

Gleicheniaceae is used for handicrafted products

Gleicheniaceae is the material to make housewares and handicrafted products. Knitting has become traditional profession in Luu Thuong village (Ha Noi). Previously, the price of gleicheniaceae was only 3.000VND/kg, but now it has increased to over 70.000VND/kg, helps the people have more income.

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The economic values of gleicheniaceaeThe knitting is mainly manual work, so from men to women, from adult to children can do it. Especially, the people don’t need to spend much on devices.


Gleicheniaceae is used for handicrafted productsThe products that made from gleicheniaceae derived from nature, it is eco-friendly and suitable to consumer trend in the world. Therefore, these products are popular in many large markets such as China, Japan, India and Europe,…The knitting is very significant for local people. With this profession, many families in Luu Thuong, Phu Tuc escaped poverty and rose to wealth.

Gleicheniaceae is used for roofing in construction

Gleicheniaceae roof is durable, because itsn’t stagnant rainwater and it can protect the architecture from the impacts of environment. Therefore, the work roofed from Gleicheniaceae has the life expectancy is higher than palm leaves roof and coconut leaves roof (15 years).

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Especially, gleicheniaceae is umber, shiny, luxurious, suitable for high-end ecological resorts. In recent years, the more resorts have appeared, the larger economic potential of gleicheniaceae in construction is.Gleicheniaceae roof

Gleicheniaceae is used for oriental medicine

In oriental medicine, gleicheniaceae is the popular remedy with many uses, such as:

FebrifugeThe leaf extract is antibioticGleicheniaceae leaf is used to cure asthmaGleicheniaceae culm and root is used for dewormingThe young tree-top can be eaten…

Gleicheniaceae is used for fuel

Likes bamboos and woody trees, gleicheniaceae is used for fuel to serve daily life.

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